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The Book of Pleasure:

The Psychology of Ecstasy 

By Austin Osman Spare

Austin Osman Spare is possibly the most underrated Occultist of the 20th Century (and perhaps much before). His artistic styles and unique magickal system influenced countless other magicians following him, including many of his contemporaries, such as Gerald Gardener and Aleister Crowley.

      Spare’s most notable contribution, his methods of creating and using sigils, which have since been made popular by the Chaos Magick movement starting in the 1970’s, and innumerable other works since, are outlined in The Book of Pleasure along with his own philosophy, much of his personal system of magick, and his methods of automatic drawing.

     The Book of Pleasure could be regarded as the central text among Austin Osman Spare's writings. It covers both mystical and magical aspects of Spare's ideas; as the modern ideas on sigils  and Spare's special theory on incarnation are for the first time introduced in this book. There are some chapters in The Book of Pleasure that Spare has referred to within the text, but are omitted. It seems that they were destroyed during World War II.